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 the big problem with vinyl replacement 

why specify resilient?

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Durability: 8x thicker wear layer than traditional vinyl

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Customisable colour options (including clear)

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>90% resource savings by recoating vs replacing

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Reduced labour costs - 1-2 days vs 1-2 weeks

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Non-slip surface - rated to R9

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Reduces PVC entering waterways

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Up to half the cost of replacing

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Lower maintenance costs

Unique Design Possibilites

Look Floors logo painted on floor with Bona Resilient
Design on floor with Bona Resilient
Design on floor with Bona Resilient

signs & symbols

Easily re-create your logo or design

using masking tape and different colours. Look Floors stocks a range of colour options.

restore & add colour

Whether it’s the replacement of worn markings on a sports floor, or a timely interior design update, the Bona Care Program offers a complete range of RAL/NCS colours for resilient surfaces. 

challenging applications

Thanks to the outstanding flexibility of Bona Resilient, uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, such as stairs, corners and round studded floors are no longer a challenge.

Range of Colour & Chip options


RAL fan deck

For programmed projects with an adequate lead time, any colour is available from the RAL Colour System

Creative Chips

Case Studies

hygienic & non-slip

Clean surfaces are essential - especially in places like care centres and hospitals. This is why easy-to-clean vinyl floors often are used to minimise the constant risk of germs. Bacteria and microorganisms do however still multiply in joints, scratches and other hard-to-reach areas. Bona Resilient creates a seamless and easy-to-clean surface giving users with a healthier floor.

Bona Pure on vinyl floor
Bona pure hygiene test results - bona pure on left with less contamination than untreated surface

bona pure


The control area showed high levels of contamination and the Bona Pure area showed minimal contamination. To prove the results further, the LVT planks were removed to examine for contamination below the surface.


On the control area, a high level of contamination was found due to penetration through the joints. The area treated with Bona Pure showed almost no signs of contamination thanks to its protective layer which imperviously seals the joints.

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Better for the environment

The environmental benefits of renovating are obvious. There is simply no reason to replace vinyl anymore. Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL undertook a major study and this is what they discovered about using Bona Resilient:

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Refurbishing a resilient floor impacts climate change - 1.14 kg carbon dioxide equivalents per m2. Comparing with a newly installed floor that uses an average of 11.42, this produces a carbon footprint that is 10X plus lower for a refinished floor. The assessment included all products used, electricity, consumables, waste treatment and transport.

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The results show the use of energy resources are reduced significantly. Renewing allows continued use of already available flooring materials. With a renew the total use of primary energy resources is 20 MJ/m2. This takes into consideration producing raw materials and resources and trips made by the contractor. Compared to installation where the energy use is a total of 200 MJ/m2 thus saving 90% of resources.


As the years wear on, vinyl requires layer upon layer of polish. A major advantage of Bona Resilient is that it can be perfectly maintained with only a mop (Bona Mop and cleaning solution recommended). The surface has less catch points for dirt and dust and approx 5X more wear layer than vinyl. Easy re-coatings can take place every 5 years to maintain your warranty.


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Application Possibilities

Healthcare environments demand the highest levels of hygiene with fast, efficient, low cost maintenance. In addition, different areas require special techniques and cleaning cycles to keep them safe and sanitized.  Bona Resilient is a modern solution to age old problems.

Hospitals & Clinics

Healthcare environments call for the highest levels of hygiene with fast, efficient, low-cost maintenance. Different areas also require special techniques and cleaning cycles to keep them sanitised and safe.

Schools & Early Childhood

Education centres can be breeding grounds for germs. A healthy and safe environment is essential. Cleaning must be effective, yet gentle to protect especially little ones from the toxic chemicals associated with everyday cleaning detergents.

Public OffIces & Buildings

Maintenance of public spaces depends largely on on the amount of traffic experienced. The excellent durability in Bona Elastic coats ensures a long lasting protection even in heavily frequented areas.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial floors have a number of challenges; the constant wear and beatings from heavy duty tools and machinery, spills and exposure to chemicals - tough, fast, effective cleaning is essential to ensure a smooth running facility.

Shopping Centres

For shopping retail spaces, image is everything. Designer floors require special treatment techniques that can be carried out with speed, efficiency in order to attain superior results and less downtime.

Sports Courts

High-impact, force and traffic are all a part of sports floors. Durability and special care, from anti-slip treatments to protective coatings, are needed to ensure that sports areas maintain their competitive edge.

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