Bona Resilient

The only way to transform existing vinyl and rubber floors without uplift or removal

Bona Resil poured on floor
Dollar sign - reduced costs

Reduced costs

Smiling man - Bona Resilient installer
Two arrows - faster installation

faster, healthier installation

Vinyl waste, PVC dumping
Cross, X - no PVC dumping

no pvc dumping

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easy maintenance

Mountain range, healthy environment
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Up to 90% less CO2

Look Floors logo on floor created with Bona Resilient
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colour & design options

Recoat, don't replace

Save time, resources, energy, and money by recoating old resilient floors with Bona Resilient. The high quality, sustainable program allows you to not only maintain floor freshness but also to totally transform the look of your existing floor without replacing it. Even in heavy traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

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