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An innovative and highly effective solution that renews and extends the life of resilient floors. This high-quality, sustainable programme allows you to not just maintain a floor's freshness, but also to totally renew its look, without replacing it. Even in heavy-traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.


Key advantages

Substantial cost 


Limitless design customisation

Improved durability

Enhanced hygiene properties

Better for our environment

Significant downtime savings

Rethink Resilient
Floor Replacement 

For years, Bona has seen the resource saving benefits of properly maintaining and renovating floors. The environmental effects of renovating rather than replacing are clear. However, few studies have quantified and verified the positive effects. Until now. Bona initiated an ambitious project together with the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, to find out the hard facts.


Sustainability At The Forefront

In a study conducted by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, they found that renewing with the Bona Resilient Floor Solution rather than replacing a resilient floor results in 90% savings in both energy and reduced carbon footprint.

Swedish Environmental Research Institute Report; 2020

CO2 savings

Energy savings


Bona Renewal


kg CO2-eq per m² of flooring

New Installation


Bona Renewal


MJ per m² of flooring

New Installation

A renewed resilient floor has an impact on climate change of 1.14 kg carbon dioxide equivalents per m2. Compared to a newly installed floor that uses an average of 11.42, this produces a carbon footprint that is more than ten times lower for a renewed floor. The assessment included all products used, electricity, consumables, waste treatment and transport.

The results show the use of energy resources can be significantly reduced since refinishing allows continued use of already available flooring materials. With a renewal the total use of primary energy resources is 20 MJ / m2. This takes into consideration the production of raw materials, resources and trips made by the craftsman. Compared to installation of a new floor, where the energy use is a total of 200 MJ / m2, the savings are 90%.

The System Basis

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Repair & Strip



Neutralise & Clean

Bona Resilient Sandbach - Bona Logo V3 - 4K_Moment2_edited.jpg


Prepare Key Surfaces

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Bona Resilient Application

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