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This high-quality, sustainable programme allows you to not just maintain a floor's freshness, but also to totally renew its look, without replacing it. Even in heavy-traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

Modern Architecture

40% Cost Savings

Transform old, worn resilient floors without having to endure the high cost and time of replacing them. On average, the renewal of a resilient floor works out to be at least 40% less expensive compared to installing a new floor.

Cat and Working

50% less downtime

Ripping out and replacing a 300m² floor can take up to six days. With the Bona Resilient Solution, you can do it in less than three days allowing the space to be put back into service. 

Signs & Symbols

Easily re-create your logo or design using masking tape and different colours.

Look Floors stocks a range of colour options.


Restore & add colour

Whether it’s the replacement of worn markings on a sports floor, or a timely interior design update, the Bona Care Program offers a complete range of RAL/NCS colours for resilient surfaces. 


Bona Pure Colour

Pure colour.png

For programmed projects with an adequate lead time, any colour is available from the RAL Colour System.


Challenging Applications

Thanks to the outstanding flexibility of Bona Resilient, uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, such as stairs, corners and round studded floors are no longer a challenge.


Standard wear and tear can leave the floor slippery and unsafe for use. In combination with continuous cleaning and use of anti-bacterial chemicals, the floor loses its traction, which can result in a number of falls and injuries.

Instead of complete floor replacement, we recomend the Bona Resilient system. Applying an extra layer of Bona Creative Chips between coats creates extra resistance between the floor and for safer, everyday traffic.

Bona Pure on vinyl floor
Gisborne Hospital-1.jpg


Clean surfaces are essential - especially in places like care centres and hospitals. This is why easy-to-clean vinyl floors often are used to minimise the constant risk of germs. Bacteria and microorganisms do however still multiply in joints, scratches and other hard-to-reach areas. Bona Resilient creates a seamless and easy-to-clean surface giving users with a healthier floor.

Application Possibilities

Floors come with different types of challenges. From busy airport terminals and round-the-clock hotel lobbies that require a pristine appearance to hospitals and daycare centres that demand the highest levels of hygiene, each requires a tailored approach for best results.

Hospitals & Clinics

Healthcare environments demand the highest levels of hygiene with fast, efficient and easy maintenance. The Bona Resilient Solution provides a monolithic surface that seals the floor against microbial contaminants and bioload.  Additionally, the low downtime of floor renewal means putting patient and clinical rooms back in service fast.   


Schools & Early Childhood

Schools and kindergarten floors can experience some of the toughest traffic conditions.  Durability is of utmost concern and the Bona Resilient Solution delivers with unsurpassed wear resistance backed by our warranty.  We also understand the tight budgets that exist, so let us renew your floor with 40% fewer costs than replacing a floor.


Sports Floors

High impact force and heavy traffic are all part of the game for sports floors. Durability is vital for ensuring that sports areas maintain their competitive edge.  Not only can the Bona Resilient Solution provide that high level of durability but also paint options can create the perfect sport lines and team logos to keep you in the game! 

Image by Damir Kopezhanov

Public Offices & Buildings

Maintaining public spaces depends on a number of factors, particularly on the amount of traffic. The excellent durability in Bona Resilient Solution ensures long-lasting protection even in heavily frequented areas.  In addition, The Bona Resilient Solution eliminates the time-consuming and laborious task of stripping and polishing the floor thus allowing staff to work on other projects.   


Industrial Spaces

Industrial floors face a number of challenges, from constant wear and beatings from heavy-duty tools and machinery to spills and exposure to chemicals. Tough, easy-to-maintain flooring is essential to ensure a smoothly running facility. The Bona Resilient Solution provides both to help extend the life of your existing floor.

Dunedin Store Round 2 - -2.jpg

Retail Spaces

For shopping centres and large retail spaces, image is everything. But unfortunately, those beautiful floors can start to lose their luster with constant deep cleaning and polishing.  Using the Bona Resilient Solution clear coat can provide an extra layer of durability and remove the need to strip and polish a vinyl, LVT, or linoleum floor ever again.  

Become an Installer


All Bona Resilient installers are listed on our website for clients and installers to find your business

Upskill your team

Enroll your whole team on a course and you all will be better, more qualified and skilled professionals

On-the-job support

The Look Floors Resilient team can meet you onsite anywhere in NZ whenever you need expert support

Back of shirt saying You can rely on a Bona Certified Craftsman
Men standing at a Bona Resilient Installer training
Two men working on applying Bona Resilient to floor
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NZ Case Studies

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